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Hi all. I'm looking forward to learning and sharing more about DaVince Resolve.

I'm out of Southern California and have been using DaVinci Resolve quite a while. I started out way back editing with Premiere Pro, but I wanted to edit HDR video and Premier Pro did not have that capability at the time. So I switched to Final Cut Pro which was early on with HDR, and then moved to DaVinci Resolve as it got better and better with HDR. For hardware I currently use a MacBook Pro 16 inch M1 along with a Pro Display XDR; this is a great display for HDR editing. I've gone through lots of cameras over the years, but currently use a Panasonic S5IIx, along with a G9II as a B cam. I mostly shoot travel log style, for friends and traveling companions, to show on big screen HDR TVs. I've shot in California, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and other places we end up traveling.
Hi Charles,

I am glad to see you also here at DVR!