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Render issue


New Member
Hello, I am Earl Griffin and I use Davinci Resolve to produce music videos and slide shows for personal use. I am cuirrently working on a slideshow that will display family photos
from 1940 to the present. I have been working on this for quite a while with periods of time between sessions of adding more media to my slideshow. I hve also rendered my
slideshow several times to check progress. After my my last session, I tried to rednder my work and it will not render correctly. The render starts well into my slideshow and renders to the end. I think I have a timeline issue but am not sure. The only out of the ordinary thing I see in my work is that my very first picture I imported lnto my slideshow now shows as a timeline. The currend slideshow is a little over 3 hours in length and all imported media is still present in my unrendered project. Does anybody have and idea of what is wrong or what needs to be done to fix the problem. I have a lot of hours invested in this project to have to start all over again.