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Relatively new to video editing


New Member
Hi All, I am a musician and IT guy. I’ve been working with audio recording for some time and got into video around the time COVID hit. I started recording bands with three cameras and then syncing them up, adding cuts and titles in Corel Visual Studio (PC based, I’ve since moved to Mac) It was a bear and I haven’t used it since. Then I started getting into switching technology and settled on an Atem Mini Pro ISO switcher. It allows me the flexibility of recording my bands video while recording audio through a digital mixing console, feed it into the switcher for syncing via waveform so that I can remix audio if necessary. I am brief into my journey with Resolve but like the features that make for an easier/quicker post-production process. Not there yet at all and hope this community will grow and share support. I could use it, along with watching lots of YouTube videos. I am a novice with video editing but I’m willing to spend the time to climb this learning curve!