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Hey everyone, i just registered two minutes ago and this is my very first post so thank you for having me among you ::) .

Here is my problem : I'v been using automation in fairlight to modulate fader on my first audio lane just yesterday. I'v saved my project etc . Every thing is normal, so far, ehen i reopen my project the wave is still the same as when i left it yesterday.

It becomes complicated when i want to overwrite my previous automation. I need to do so to correct my mistakes etc.. So i let the reading head pass over, then when i hear a mistake, i do pause, go backward and move the fader again (with the wave above it in red and the button red too) and rewright over it as recording. I do so a couple time till suddenly, all the wave to come, the wave i recorded yesterday, becomes flat.

It's just like if DaVinci didn't understood that i just want to make correction instead of rewriting the whole thing..

I join a couple screen shots to show you, well, my screen hehe. The first one is to show you my set up, the second one to show you what the wave looks like BEFORE overwriting, the third one AFTER.

By the way does anyone know why my wave is all so messy with 3 or 4 lines going forward and then bacward again etc... ??? Is that a bug ?

Thanks a lot everyone !!
Aurèle aka Abrabrabraham


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Hi Abrabraham,


We are no live yet. But we are glad that you are here and everybody who registers in the forum will get a message as soon as we are ready and can go live.

Best wishes