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New to Resolve, looking for good tutorials

Hello! I've freelanced in post production for the last several years. Although I've used and taken classes in Avid, Premiere, and Final Cut Pro, I have a personal project that I've been working on at my own pace, and my distaste for the subscription model of the former two gave me the time/incentive to check out alternatives. I've heard a lot about the many things that Resolve can do and thus ended up here.

Although in my limited use of Resolve so far there are a few questions on how to perform specific tasks that have come up, at this point I feel I'm new enough to the program that simply finding some good tutorials might be the best place to start. From what I've seen among these other introductions so far, I don't know if I can expect any leads/suggestions right away, but figured introducing myself would be the first step in trying to get to know this online community and pull from its wealth of information (and hopefully, eventually I may have something to contribute as well). So, greetings! Seeya in the forums.
Hi SamuraiJack,

@SamuraiJack, I mentioned above my enthusiasm for Casey Farris' tutorials, which I continue but when I got started with DaVinci I went through and jotted down a bunch of YT videos teaching the subject. I think I may have even added some pros and cons about each. The plan was to see what is available and which I should invest the time in studying. there is, after all, only so much time. the trick now will be to find that list. Maybe it will be helpful to you. I can't remember if I just jotted down some notes is my phone note taking app or if I made an Excel list. I will look. No promises;)
@SamuraiJack, I looked and I have folders of tutorials that I downloaded from 4 sources. These are all YT videos that I downloaded. They are, as follows:

1) Black Magic. Of course, you would think the producers of DVR would have lessons on how to use their product. And this one is not a YT video but rather a PDF called Editor's Guide. It is almost 500 pages long but I wopuld think a great lesson book on how to use it. I also have a 400+ plus page "Beginner's guide". I also have an 11 page "Keyboard Shortcuts". finally I have a Zip file (R18 Beginners Guide lessons.zip) that has folders labelled Lesson 1, 2, 3 through 9 that must be for the Beginners Guide. I'm sure you can download all of these on the Blck Magic webpage.
2. Casey Farris - RESOLVE 18 CRASH COURSE - Davinci Resolve 18 Walkthrough [BEGINNER].mp4
3. Primal Video - DaVinci Resolve 18 - COMPLETE Tutorial For Beginners in 2023.mp4
4. Skills Factory - DaVinci Resolve 17 - Tutorial for Beginners in 16 MINUTES [ COMPLETE ].mp4

These last three you should easily find on YouTube and they were all helpful. I hope you find them as such.
Wanted to also throw in
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, I like his tutorials because they are super quick, most videos are between 30 seconds to a minute. He gets right to the point with no fluff.
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is really good too. His tutorials are longer, but he's incredibly good at communicating dense detailed information in a very clear and easy to follow way. He's really thorough and shows you every step and all the different ways to do things. Just finished his killer tutorial on stills in the Color Page. Highly recommend.