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How to insert(F9) a clip with several audio tracks?


New Member
Hello dear people,

Following case: I load my raw material, which are some hours-long interviews in a source timeline linked to several audio clips(synchronized external Audiofiles /Atmo etc).
I would like to insert the selected parts into my editing timeline using In/Out and F9. However, only one audio track is always inserted with the selected part, but I need all audio tracks under the clip.
Obviously it is possible to select only one audio track at a time. I tried to link them but it does`t work. I'm sure it's just a preference thing.
How can I select multiple audio tracks so that i can insert them quickly and professionally with F9 or the speed editor? Is that possible in Davinci Resolve or does it works the long way only: Cut in and out, then copy paste...?

Thank you and best regards