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Hi all
I have been an amateur film make since my parents brought me a Kodak brownie 8mm cine camera in 1959. Yes I know that makes me very old up against the rest of you. I eventually progressed to super 8mm sound in those days of course there was no undo button and once you made the cut that was that,, VHSc, SVHSc, and now of course digital. Most of my films are family and holiday memories and a few more serious films. I am a member of the IAC ( institute of amature cinamatographers ) and Spring park film makers an amateur film making club based in West Wickham Kent.

I have been using Adobe CC as my editing software which being a poor OAP is becoming too expensive. I have been very impressed with the free version on Davinci resolve and will when I have completed the several Premier cc projects I am editing will switch to Resolve. Its going to be a long learning curve but so far I have been impressed and cant believe what I am getting for free.

Happy editing