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Despite High Specs: Resolve and playback are very laggy


New Member
Hello there,
I have started editing "Videogame Videos" using resolve a couple of months ago and created a couple of videos where resolves performance was not great but fine.
I though it is most likely because I have been using a free version.
Now I am in the middle of editing my next video using 1080P footage from God of War Ragnarök which is I`m sure a bit moredemanding than before but not by a lot.
And now everything keeps lagging behind constantly...
I tried to switch timeline resolution and playback resolution and also got myself studio which I thought would solve all the problems but not at all...
Generating optimized Media and proxies looks like it would take days partially because the original "gameplay files" I am using are all together 60 hours of gameplay so at least creating proxies would as it seems just take ages.
But it is baffling to me because my setup is pretty solid:

Processor 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-11900H @ 2.50GHz 2.50 GHz
RAM 32,0 GB (31,8 GB verwendbar)
Graphic: Nvidia Geforce 3080 Laptop GPU

So yeah, all of a sudden it's almost impossible to get any editing done...
Does any one of you know what might be the problem or if there settings I could change or adjustments to my workflow so I can circumvent that?
Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

P.S. Little Update...
Creating Optimized Media did work and help now but I'm still looking for a better more streamlined solution if anybody has one :)
A 1080p time line with your setup should fly.
Just a couple of things that come to my mind:
1. are the 60 hours timeline one single file? Try to split it up in multiple must shorter length files, like 1 hour each
2. what's vide file format? What's the compression method? H.264 or H.265? Check if you have the CUDA drivers of your nVidia appropriately setup to accelerate comp/decomp of the file
3. did you apply any heavy computation filter on any nodes? Like noise reduction, motion blur, optical flow retime etc? In case, try switch them off an see if there's any difference (if so, do all the cutting with these filters off, and switch them on only at render time)
4. where are you editing the files from? On the internal SSD? On a NAS? If on a NAS copy them into the internal SSD before editing - if not on an SSD, get one...
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Hey there, thank you so much for your answer.

The files recordings of my gameplay so they vary depending on how much time I had on my hand.
Usually they would never be longer than 4 hourse, around 1-2 hours is more likely...

2. File format is MP4 but if I use OBS to record I could probably also save to another format. The Video Codec is H.264 .
3. There is hardly any of that, I do use text+ and a lot of small stuff, since it's all very "youtubey" editing. So adding little pictures, texts, fast cuts and multiple clips within one frame.

4. It's all on the internal ssd.

So should I maybe start every new project workflow with creating optimized media and proxies? And even convert the files to something more edit-friendly?
Another thing that I did was that (because of the many assets I kind of reused the same project over and over but created new timelines to make a seperate new video.
Could that also have infringed on the performance?
Thank you so much for your support, it's very much appreciated.
Oh and I hope everyone had nice holidays!