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A music composer on Da Vinci


New Member
Hi Da Vinci users
I am a music composer, wrote several operas and work with variousorchestral setups
I started to use Da Vinci in order to edit videos taken from our live concerts
IDa Vinci Resolcve is an extraordinary powerful app, however not that easy to fully understand
So you will see me often here in the future

Daniel Schell
Hi Daniel,

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Please spread the news. We really need the word of mouth. The bigger this community gets, the faster and better the members can help each other.

If there are things we might have missed in the forum structure, post in the suggestion subforum. We are flexible and can adapt things quickly.

For the launch of this forum, I wanted to keep it very simple. The more traffic/postings we get, the more we can think about more subforums/splitting up subjects, so that it is easier to find a solution for a problem. I offer only the technical platform, It is up to the community how it will grow and develop according to the needs of the members, which normally changes over the time.
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It is very powerful and as you said it is also very complex. DR is way more than just an editing program, and the manual is a bear at several thousands pages long. However, if you are familiar with basic editing operations from using previous programs a lot of that transfers over. There are tons of resources to help you learn everything from the basics to advanced operations, here are 3 good ones (this forum didn't let me include links as it thought I was spam posting, but you can search them in google or youtube):
  • Black Magic Design DR Training (just search this on google)
  • Casey Faris Youtube Channel
  • Jason Yadlovski Youtube Channel
I don't know if you shoot your concerts multicam, but if you do DR has pretty good (not perfect) multicam editing tools. Here's a quick intro to multicam editing, again, if you use it:
  • Search "Multicam Masterclass | how to Edit with Multiple camera angles in DaVinci Resolve 18"
Hope that helps and best of luck!