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Superslow perf on MacStudio


Just bought a Mac Studio Max, base model, but my usual nodes set on DVR Studio 18.1 is 50% slower than my 5 years old DELL PC (32Gb RAM + 4xXeon@3.8GHz + nVidia P4000 + SSD). I checked the performance monitor and the CPU performance cores are doing nothing in render time, all seems to be carried on the GPU cores.
What seems to "kill" the Mac are motion blur + optical flow retiming.
My set up is rendering a simple 1080p sequence (25FPS@8bit H.265 both source and output) at 2FPS, while my old PC would do at least 4FPS.
Anyone with similar experience?
Am I doing something wrong or is that the "normal" performance to be expected from the Mac Studio Max?
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