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Second clip starting point in Dissolve Transition


New Member

I'm using DaVinci Resolve 18 and I want to use blur dissolve transition between two clips. When I place the transition between the clips, as soon as the transition starts, I see that the second clip starts playing from the beginning of the transition whereas what I want is the second clip to start playing from the middle of the transition. I couldn't achieve it by having the transition in center alignment so instead, I tried to apply one transition at the end of the first clip with end ratio 0 and right alignment and another transition at the beginning of the second clip with start ratio 100 and left alignment, in order to achieve the above result.

That way I don't see information of the second clip at the first clip transition and no information of the first clip at the second clip transition, which is something I want. However, that way the two clips do not blend with each other so at that point, where they connect, it is blurred but still, I can tell the abrupt change from one clip to the other. I even tried to overlap just a little the clips, adjusting as well the ratios, but still the abrupt change is noticeable.

Can I please ask, how can I prevent the second clip from showing from the beginning of the transition but instead start from the middle, that is after the maximum blur? Thank you very much in advance.